Receiving events

How Blecon Events are routed to your web service

Each Blecon Event has an Event Type, a string describing the event.

Network Routes

To start receiving events, you create a Network Route on your Virtual Network, which will collect events and send them to a URL of your choosing.

If you create multiple network routes, the most specific match to the event is used based on the Filter Pattern. You cannot create more than one route with the same filter pattern.

Filter Patterns

To specify which event types you wish to receive, you must provide a Filter Pattern.

A filter pattern is a simple search string that matches events. You can use wildcards where required.

Examples of valid filter patterns:

device.request.my_company.temperature // matches this exact event type

device.request.* // matches all device requests

device.message.* // matches all device messages

device.* //matches all device-created events

network.* //matches all network-created events

* // matches all events

Handling Events

See the Event Types section for a description and schema of how events are formatted and delivered.

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