All the benefits of Bluetooth, with the deployment model of Wifi, and the network model of Cellular.

Blecon enables building devices that communicate with a web service using Bluetooth Low Energy.

Blecon Modems use secure identities and encrypted communication by default and are associated with a specific Blecon Network using a simple installer flow based on NFC or QR codes. Use a Modem to build a Blecon-connected device.

Blecon Hotspots provide flexible roaming coverage for devices without the need for pairing. iOS and Android smartphones, as well as Windows and MacOS laptops, can be enabled as Hotspots by installing the Blecon App. Hardware hotspots enable dedicated connectivity.

Blecon Networks route device requests to web handlers as HTTP POST webhooks. Device requests can be serviced whenever they are in range of a Hotspot. A Blecon Network is configured via the Blecon Console or programmatically via the Blecon API. The API can be used to build full custom device installation and operational workflows.

Key Benefits

  • Quickly integrate data from low-cost physical devices into any web service

  • Build custom devices that can use phones and gateways as hotspots

  • Cloud Native request/response model designed for modern serverless architectures

  • Managed secure identity and communication without configuration

  • Simple and customisable installation workflow


Head over to our getting started guides to start using Blecon:

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