Device Identity

Introduction to device identity

Blecon Devices internally generate globally unique Device ID and security material at manufacture time. This simplifies the manufacturing process and avoids the risks introduced by handling or injecting secrets.

As the Device ID is unique, it provides an easy way to identify a device and index into your own databases.

Blecon device identity consists of a Version 4 UUID, for example:



On the first power-up, a modem will generate its identity and credentials (public/private key pair) and register itself in-band with the Blecon infrastructure, ensuring security throughout its lifecycle without a complex provisioning process.

Where Device Identity is used

All events relating to a Blecon Device are tagged with its identity, which is referred to as the Device ID.

When registering a device with a Blecon network, you only need the Device ID.

When a Blecon device reports its identity, it does so in the form of a Device URL. This looks like the following:

A Device URL provides functionality, and can be configured to redirect to a specific URL as part of your virtual network.


It's important to note that the Device ID is not sensitive information. Devices broadcast it and can be freely used wherever it is required.

Blecon automatically manages the security of device connections for you through the Blecon Bluetooth VPN.

Using Device IDs in your products and services

The Device ID is designed so that you can store it and use it within your own product or service. You can associate customers with a Device ID, associate additional metadata with a Device ID and use the Device ID as a reliably unique and durable reference to a specific physical device.

Obtaining the Device ID

Obtaining the Device ID is an essential first step to registering a device.

You can use the Blecon CLI to obtain the Device ID during device development.

For a real-world product, a good option is to use the Blecon Scanner. You may also build bespoke mechanisms to obtain the Device ID as required.

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