Blecon Events

Events that can be sent from Blecon to your web service

Blecon events are delivered as webhooks to URL destinations based on your networks' filter and route configuration.

Depending on how you have configured your routes, your URL may receive one or more of the following types of events: Deliveries are always an array of events in JSON format.

Note that device.request.* events are delivered immediately and one at a time. All other events are delivered as a batch which may include more than one type of event.

Event TypeFunctionNotes

Device requesting information from a cloud service

A response must be sent. The acceptable response formats are indicated in event data.

Always delivered as an array with a single element.

Device sending a one-way message to the cloud.

More efficient than a request, messages are a good choice for metrics and sensor data.


Request could not be handled by the route

Indicates a problem with the handler you have configured.


Could not find a route for a device event

If a device makes a request and no filter matches it, this event is generated.

Device was spotted

Spotted means that although the device did not make a request, it was seen in range of a Hotspot. The rate of spotted events is limited by the network.

Device was registered on the network

You can use registered and deregistered to trigger provisioning logic in your application.

Device was deregistered from the network


Network errors

For debugging and developer information.

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