Modem Firmware vs Modem Library

An overview of the key architectural options for integrating Blecon support into your device

The Blecon Modem is the functionality that provides access to the Blecon Network and allows a device to communicate with the cloud.

You can deploy Blecon Modem functionality either as firmware for a dedicated chip (recommended) or integrated into your own host microcontroller.

Option 1: Blecon Modem Firmware

With this option, you install the Blecon Modem Firmware onto one of our supported chips. With this option, you get an instant modem with no configuration required.

To communicate with the modem and send requests to the cloud from your own microcontroller, you integrate a Blecon Modem API library into your application, which provides a programmatic interface to the modem. You can use any microcontroller supported by the Blecon Modem API.

Option 2: Blecon Modem Library

With this option, the Blecon Modem functionality runs directly on your microcontroller. This requires more careful integration than the firmware option above and only supports a limited range of microcontrollers. However, you do only require one chip for your solution.

For more information about the Blecon Modem Library, contact us.

Which option should I choose?

We always recommend starting with option 1, the dedicated modem chip. With this approach, you can be working in minutes, and integration is straightforward.

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