Communicating with the cloud

How a device uses the modem to talk to the cloud over Bluetooth

Operating principles

  • Devices are clients, and the device is always the initiator of any request

  • Your cloud application receives requests and messages from devices as well as network events

  • Any Blecon App can relay messages from any Blecon Device

  • The communication is secured between the device and the Blecon service


With Device Requests, Blecon Devices communicate with your application over HTTP using a simple request/response model.

Requests are typically used when a device needs to retrieve information from the cloud, for example configuration.

A request is synchronous end to end, so it's important to ensure that your cloud application responds as quickly as possible.

If, for any reason, your application does not respond with an HTTP success code to the request, the device will receive an error response and will try again later.


To send data to the cloud, sending a one-way Message from your device is more efficient. A message is asynchronous and delivered batched to the configured destination, if one is configured.

Network Events

When integrating Blecon into your product, you will often also need information about network events.

Network events include:

  • A device registered on a network

  • A device was deregistered from a network

  • Device spotted

Your application can process these events as required for your use-case.

Namespaces and Methods

Device requests and messages must include a Namespace. This is a label for a group of events.

A namespace might be your company name or the name of a product.

Within Namespaces, there are methods. A method name is a label for a specific message or request.


  • device.request.acmecorp.config

  • device.message.acmecorp.temperature

  • device.message.acmecorp.power_on

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